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BLOCKFIELD makes it secure and easy for Chinese investors to find and purchase premium commerical properties

Focused on the growing and wealthy Texas, U.S.A. market

BLOCKFIELD facilitates property purchases using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Provides investors with traditional title and title secured by the blockchain distributed ledger



The state of Texas, United States welcomes Chinese investment in commercial real estate. One of China’s biggest stars, Yao Ming, played basketball for the Houston (Texas) Rockets team. Chinese students attend Texas’s top universities, which rank among the best in the United Stated. Large Chinese communities in the cities of Houston and Dallas make Chinese feel at home.

Texas has the fastest growing economy in the United States. The population of Texas is rapidly increasing with a strong job market. Many Fortune 500 companies like Toyota and Exxon are headquartered in Texas. The city of Austin is a leading technology center with Facebook, Amazon and Google offices. Texas is very safe and secure for property investment. Property values continue to increase very rapidly in Texas. Now is the time to invest in commercial real estate in Texas.

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Net leased properties are commercial investment properties that are leased on a long-term basis to businesses.  Net leased properties are the best types of investment properties for Chinese to own in the United States.   Net leased properties have many advantages over investment in residential properties, such as houses or apartments.

(1)Net leased properties have safe and secure tenants that are corporate businesses.

(2)The leases are long-term, typically of 7 to 10 years in length.

(3)There is typically little or no maintenance for the property owner.  The tenant is typically responsible for the maintenance of the property, except for certain repairs.

(4)The property owner can expect consistent investment cash flow.

(5)Lenders  like to loan money on net leased properties, because these properties are safe and secure investments.

(6)Net leased properties are easy to own for Chinese citizens located in China.   Blockfield can assist in management of the net leased property to make long-term investment easy.

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U.S. Investment Property

Made Easy